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Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung Represents Small Business

Everyone deserves to have government representation and that includes small business. While it is easy for large corporations to lobby Congress, small businesses don’t have that individual power. Fortunately, Wayne Hartung was willing to spend time representing the needs of small businesses before Congress. He was appointed to represent businesses from lower Alabama and worked with legislators to obtain grants for small and minority businesses. Wayne Hartung was proud to give small businesses a voice in government.


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Wayne Hartung's Background

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Wayne Hartung is not an investment professional, but he is a business professional and entrepreneur. A native of Alabama, Wayne Hartung was appointed as a small business delegate to represent the small business needs and concerns for lower Alabama. He represented small businesses and their needs to Congress. He worked closely with legislators to help them understand what small businesses need to grow and thrive. Wayne Hartung helped to obtain grants for small and minority businesses.

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